Can We Use Oil After Hair Smoothening – An Ultimate Guide

Can We Use Oil After Hair Smoothening
Can We Use Oil After Hair Smoothening

There is no denying the benefits of using oil on your hair. Using Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Hemp Oil, etc., benefits hair health. Oils are the best treatment for all types of hair problems. But have you ever wondered Can We Use Oil After Hair Smoothening Treatment?

As Hair Smoothening becomes more popular, the hair-smoothing industry has exploded. Oil is used in different ways in hair care products. Whether for styling your hair and creating a more defined style, softening dry and frizzy hair, or smoothening the scalp, there are countless uses for this beautiful product. The beauty and convenience of oil use are undeniable; however, the question “Can We Use Oil After Hair Smoothening?” is still under discussion.

If you’re looking for a more effective way to protect your hair after smoothening and don’t know whether to use oil or not, then read the blog for more information. We will also talk about how to use oil to help hair retain moisture.

What Is Hair Smoothening?

Hair Smoothening is the Chemical Process that is used to Saturate hair with the help of Formaldehyde Solution. After applying the solution, let it leave for completely drying, and then a flat iron is used to lock the Formaldehyde in a straight position. It gives Smooth, Straight, and Non-frizzy hair.

While there are many Benefits to Hair Smoothing, there are also several risks and health concerns associated with chemical hair smoothening solutions. As Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical, the process should be done under the supervision of an expert. 

It has long-term effects like human Carcinogens (a substance that causes cancer) and Leukemia. Its short-term side effects include skin and upper respiratory tract and irritation of the eyes.

Can You Use Oil After Hair Smoothening?

No, You can not use oil after Hair Smoothing or Hair Straightening. When applying oil to your hair after shampooing, oil can damage your hair. Many oils available will help with the dryness and damage caused by shampoo. But using oil on hair smoothed with a particular treatment can cause even more damage and make the hair brittle and frizzy.

What Happens If Oil Is Used After Hair Smoothening?

Oil is excellent for your hair and scalp, but applying it too soon after smoothing treatment could damage your hair. Oil helps your hair retain moisture and shine by sealing it. When applied after smoothing treatment, it works opposite, makes hair frizzy, and starts damaging hair immediately. This oil blocks Formaldehyde from working correctly.

It causes damage to the shine and texture of your hair.

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After How Many Days Can We Apply Oil After Smoothening?

You have to wait at least 2-3 weeks after Hair Smoothening to use oil on your hair. Avoid all other hair care products to avoid damage to your hair.

Try to avoid any oil-based product to use on your treated hair. 

Recommendations are to wait for 3 weeks to use oil on your hair and 4 weeks to use oil-based products on your hair after Hair Smoothening.

What Can You Use In Your Hair After Hair Smoothening?

It’s better not to use any product within the first 48 hours of Smoothening Treatment. This time is compassionate for hair and can be damaged immediately. Even you have to avoid water too.

After 3 to 5 days, you can only use mild Shampoo or Conditioner. Use only lukewarm water to rinse your hair. You can also use mild cream to lock the moisture in the hair. You can also use a light hair pack in a very minimum quantity.

Use a hairbrush with wide teeth to avoid hair fall during this time.

After 2 weeks, your hair is settled, but you should avoid using any heating product, like Dryer, Curler, Hair Straightener, etc.

Don’t highlight or color your hair for at least 4 to 6 months.

Will Natural Hair Grow Back After Smoothening?

Your hair does not stop growing until there is an issue. The smoothening process does not stop your hair from growing. Still, to some extent, smoothening can damage your hair because of the heave chemicals involved in the treatment because salons tend to “prescribe” hair care products that contain heavy silicones to give the hair a smooth finish.

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The problem is these silicone-based products. They are not designed for your hair. They will end up damaging your hair. Then, you’ll want to find something else. You have to pay again for your hair treatment. 

But the main thing left behind as the conclusion point is here. Natural hair will not be affected by the smoothening treatment unless a wrong treatment may not occur.

Conclusion | Can We Use Oil after Hair Smoothening

Hair Smoothing is a process that involves harsh chemicals, so it is not advised to use oil after hair smoothening. Please avoid using oils after hair smoothing as they can damage your hair. This includes both tropical oils and natural oils like Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, etc.

FAQs | Can We Use Oil after Hair Smoothening

Can we apply oil after smoothing?

No, it is not recommended to use oil after smoothening treatment as it causes damage to your hair.

Do hair extensions damage your natural hair?

No, If hair extension is appropriately applied, it does not damage your hair.

What are the benefits of using a conditioner?

Using a conditioner helps your hair retain its natural oils.

Does oil damage hair?

No, oil does not damage your hair. It moisturizes the hair and makes it soft and shiny.

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