Can You Transfer Perfume To Another Bottle – Ultimate Guide

Can You Transfer Perfume To Another Bottle
Can You Transfer Perfume To Another Bottle

Do you love perfume? If so, the next time you’re travelling and need to carry a bottle around with you, instead of buying a new one. So, Can You Transfer Perfume To Another Bottle Instead Of Carrying Your Whole Perfume?

You may have heard about Transferring Perfume To Another Bottle. But does it work? There are times when you might need to Transfer Perfume To Travel Size or just to change an old defective perfume bottle. This is important, especially when you have a defective bottle and the perfume may be ruined. Sometimes you may have two bottles of the same perfume and wish to transfer it to the other bottle. However, it can be tricky if you don’t know How To Transfer Perfume To Another Bottle?

With our knowledge about this topic, we will help you find the answer How To Transfer Perfume Into Another Bottle?

Can You Transfer Perfume To Another Bottle

If you’ve ever wondered if you could transfer your favourite Perfume from one bottle to another, the answer is yes. You can, but only if there is a specific process you need to follow to ensure you successfully do it.

How To Open A Perfume Bottle

Before going forward, it’s important to learn about one basic thing: opening the Perfume bottle. First, make sure the base of the sprayer is made of metal or plastic.

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01. For Metal Base

The metal Base is difficult to open, so it’s better to use pliers to loosen the base and gently wiggle it left to right and vice versa.

To avoid glass breakage, make sure not to clench the pliers too tightly. You must be patient while opening the Metal base to avoid damage. After a few tries, you will be able to loosen the base.

02. For Plastic Base

Plastic Base removal is not difficult as compared to Metal Base. Take a pair of scissors and carefully slide the scissors under the plastic base to tear it apart from the glass bottle. You can do this from all sides for easy tearing. You can also use the pliers to remove the base. Gently pull the plastic with the help of pliers.

How To Get Perfume From One Bottle To Another?

As everyone loves to wear an attractive perfume all the time, whether you are at home, office, meeting, or a party with your friends. You don’t want to go there without perfume. It becomes handy if you have perfume in your bag. For this purpose, you must purchase a travel-size perfume which is more costly than the economy. It’s better to transfer the perfume to another smaller size for convenience.

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As you read how to open a perfume bottle above in this article, Now we will discuss some methods for How To Transfer Perfume From One Bottle To Another?

Things You’ll Need To Transfer Perfume

Before getting started, please make sure you have the following things available at home before transferring the perfume.

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Method # 1 Filling A Metal Travel Bottle From A Perfume Atomizer

Step 1. Remove The Cap And The Base Of The Sprayer

Remove the cap of the perfume, which will transfer to another bottle.

Remove the sprayer using your fingers. You can use a plier if you can not open it with your fingers. If needed, you can gently wiggle the sprayer.

You can see a nozel in the middle of the bottle from which you can transfer the perfume. Also, carefully remove Fine Glass and Spray Stem.

Step 2. Preparing The Metal Travel Bottle

As you know, metal bottles come with a metal casing which secures them inside. Remove the metal case and bring out the plastic container.

Step 3. Transferring The Perfume

When you pull the metal case off, you see a red dot on the bottom of the plastic tank. This is the required place where you are going to transfer the perfume.

It’s time to start the transferring procedure, adjusting the red dot of the plastic container under the nozzle of the perfume bottle.

Or, You can use the Funnel Or Syringe To Transfer Perfume at this step.

Step 4. Sealing The Bottle

Before sealing the bottle, you can remove the tank from the nozzle, put it on the metal casing, and check whether it is working properly. If so, you can seal the bottle by following the procedure.

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Reapply the base to the neck of the bottle, or you can reapply the sprayer. If screwing is needed, screw back the bottle and seal the bottle tightly.

Method # 2. Filling Plastic Travel Bottles From Metal Perfume Atomizers

Step 1. Preparing The Plastic Travel Bottle

Remove the cap of the plastic travel bottle and, from the top, unscrew the sprayer.

Step 2. Filling The Bottle

Hold the travel bottle so it should be touching the other bottle. It is to assure spray will directly transfer into the bottle.

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Now start pressing again and again until the bottle is filled (Don’t fill it up to its top; otherwise, you cannot spray properly. 

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Step 3. Securely Close The Bottle

Screw the Plastic Travel Bottle back and put the removed cap for secure closing.

Method # 3. Filling Glass or Plastic Travel Bottles From Splash Bottles

Step 1. Remove The Cap And Sprayer

Prepare the bottle before transferring perfume. Remove the cap and sprayer from the bottle.

Step 2. Filling The Bottle

Use a Funnel or Syringe to transfer the perfume as pouring can cause waste.

If using Funnel, you only have to place it on the Glass or Plastic Travel Bottle and start pouring the perfume.

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Suppose you are using a Syringe to transfer the perfume. Fill the syringe with the perfume and then inject it into the bottle with patience.

Step 3. Close The Bottle

After filling the perfume, attach the sprayer back and close the cap to secure the perfume in the bottle.

Conclusion | Can You Transfer Perfume To Another Bottle

So that was it. Now you know what you need to know. The above are all the steps you need to take to transfer perfumes. I hope after reading this guide, you can understand How To Transfer Perfume To A Travel Bottle? Etc. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions.

FAQs | Can You Transfer Perfume To Another Bottle

How to transfer perfume from a spray bottle?

Remove the cap, sprayer, and base of the bottle
Remove fine glass and spray stem
Transfer the perfume with the use of a Funnel Or Syringe.

How to transfer perfume into a travel bottle?

The best way to transfer perfume from one bottle to another is to use a Syringe.

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