Ultimate 4 Reasons For – Why Can’t I Smell My Own Cologne?

Why Can't I Smell My Own Cologne?
Why Can’t I Smell My Own Cologne?

I’ve always heard that perfume is the perfect aphrodisiac, but I’ve never believed it because I don’t smell anything whenever I sniff my cologne. How come others can smell it, though?

You are the master of your scent. There is no one else to blame when your fragrance seems off. It’s only you. So Why Can’t I Smell My Own Cologne? Or body lotion? Why can’t you smell your shampoo? Or deodorant? Or aftershave? The truth is, you can smell your scent. It’s just that you don’t always recognize it. There are several reasons why you might not recognize your scent. Maybe you have allergies. Maybe you don’t wash your hands enough. Maybe you eat too much garlic. Even some foods and drinks can affect your ability to smell your scent. But you can do something about it.

In this article, I will reveal the ultimate reason to that question “Why Can’t I Smell My Own Cologne?”

Most men tend to smell the cologne on their bodies at first, but not on their clothes. This is very obvious when you wear cologne on the back of your hand; you’ll immediately notice that your wrist smells different. This is because cologne attracts the chemicals that your nose is sensitive to, which is the opposite effect of perfume. Because of the higher concentration of the scent on your skin, your body can detect the scent more easily.

Let’s have a look at the details..

When did you last smell your cologne?

Why this question is important: There are several reasons why some people don’t smell their Cologne or smell anything for that matter.

01. Nose Blindness

The nose is a sensitive organ that instantly recognizes every kind of smell. If you first smell an odour, your scent receptors will send a signal to your limbic system, which determines the process of your feeling about the smell. It will process and feel that particular odour or scent. But after some time, when these receptors get used to this smell and become saturated with it, they’ll stop detecting scent. So no matter how intense it is initially, the scent will fade away after a while.

That’s why most perfume shops offer to smell coffee beans, as the coffee beans help break the smell so your nose can smell other odours.

02. Hypersomia

Some people develop a condition called Hypersomia. It happens when you’re sensitive to odours, and you actually can’t smell anything at all. There are many reasons for this condition, like genetics, migraines, hormonal changes etc. This condition also affects your taste and smell because it relates to the Olfactory system. Because this olfactory system connects receptors of smell and taste. 

03. Anosmia

Some people may suffer from a condition called Anosmia. The loss of smell is called anosmia, meaning they don’t smell anything. It’s either a temporary or permanent condition. You can lose your sense of smell when the mucus membranes in your nose are irritated or obstructed, such as when you have a cold etc

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04. Poor Nasal Drainage

But the most common reason some people don’t smell their cologne is poor nasal drainage. This is caused by various reasons such as a deviated septum, dry nasal passages, blocked nose, sinus infections, and allergies.

How To Ready Your Nose To Smell

As I mentioned above, Many perfume shops ask to smell coffee beans first to get ready to smell a new fragrance. Coffee beans trigger your nose to existing smells.

Why Can't I Smell My Own Cologne? 1

Some techniques include a swatch of wool, even forearm, and unfragranced forearm.

May Be Fragrance Of Your Cologne Gone Away

One reason for not smelling your cologne may be the smell of your cologne. Sometimes heat, humidity and light can cause breaking down cologne quickly.

Conclusion | Why Can’t I Smell My Own Cologne?

We have all tried to smell the cologne we have been wearing for months or years, and we have wondered why it is not working. For me, the smell of mothballs caused me a lot of embarrassment. Finally, I realized it because I smelled it too often, so it was beginning to affect my olfactory senses. And it is not just cologne that we stink of when we take our clothes off. It is your clothes as well. After a while, they smell very badly. 

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed the article and find the information useful. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

FAQs | Why Can’t I Smell My Own Cologne?

Why does my cologne smell not last?

Extreme humidity, direct sunlight or heat can cause the oils and cologne ingredients to alter, which results in a change of scent or smell that does not last for long.

What is it called when you cant smell perfume?

When you cant smell perfume or other things, this condition is called Hypersomnia. This condition can be genetic or due to migraines or hormonal changes.

How do I know my natural scent?

It is best not to use any perfume or fragrance, and do not take a shower after you sweat or are tired. And note the smell, and then you can take a bath with fragrance-free soap and shampoo and now smell again to see the difference.

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